April 17, 2020

Shoppers' Expectations Post-Coronavirus

Shoppers' expectations will be very different in the post-coronavirus world we now live in.

Here's how, and a few suggestions on how to tackle them.

  • Masks: Shoppers will expect your retail associates to be wearing masks. We like these stylish masks from Atoms (the shoe company) that are retailing for $10 each. They come in multiple sizes and multiple colors. Atoms does not intend to make a profit from the masks.

    If you're looking to get a little creative, these LED-enabled masks, which are much pricier at $90 a pop, can make for some cool photos on your brand's Instagram page.
  • Gloves: You don't need anything fancy. These TWING latex gloves on Amazon will do the trick. They retail 100 pieces for about $26, including shipping.
  • Social distancing: Retail associates will need to be trained and reminded to observe proper social distancing guidelines. Even moderately busy stores may also want to have a plan in place to limit the number of shoppers in their store at a given time. Take the time to think through where you can form a line, and how you will communicate this with shoppers.
  • A shift to casual wear and athleisure: With most shoppers avoiding unnecessary events and gatherings, demand for fancier items will likely take a hit. Shifting your store and website's focus to casual wear will lead to higher conversions and more satisfied visitors.
  • Fast Ecommerce: Your shoppers will expect to be able to browse your inventory online and quickly be shipped items available. It may be a good time to consider adding expedited shipping options, reducing minimum purchase amounts, and exploring useful partnerships (hint hint).

Lastly, if you're a retailer looking for a solution to the Coronavirus slowdown, please check out our Brick-and-Mortar Retail Pilot Program launching in Houston soon.